Hani Ezz
Hani Ezz

Hani is a Sr. Brand Ambassador, Market Research at Truecaller – the world’s largest verified mobile phone community. President of JEE National Entrepreneurs’ Union, NGOs. a virtual non-governmental/nonprofit organization seeks to inspire, inform and celebrate entrepreneurs. Head of Board, CEO at Cubicx’PVT. an exciting firm with an interesting history. It’s a leading telecoms house professional’s dream provides a holistic mix of technology expertise to helping clients adapt and prosper in a mobile world.

His educational background includes a Small Business StartUp – CCL, Business Administration (B.A.), Ed.S. degree of marketing fundamentals, a Black Belt certification in web 2.0 strategies and SEO techniques, as well as additional trainings.

Hani experiences cover operational, tactical and strategic fields, on the front line and on the corporate level. He has done classic PR work in monitoring reputation, communication, publication, presentation, as well as talent and performance management. Furthermore, Hani has specialized in affiliate programs, mobile branding, e-mail marketing, traffic reporting, as well as developed and implemented communication campaigns.

Businesses find Hani’s honest and straightforward attitude refreshing. Hani prides himself on the ability to quickly build long-term relationships by conveying how he can help them become successful with the solutions he manages.

Stay in touch with Hani and make use of his expertise today, Call the ‘HOTLINE’ at +20 5525 Ext. 999106.

Website: http://haniezz.com


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